Development, design, and support.

Frontend Development

  • web apps
  • corporate web
  • single page sites
  • maintenance
  • support

I strive to achieve straight to the point presentations and purpose driven designs.

Function should lead design decisions.

Whether it's a website or a web application, I prefer to work with lightweight and unopinionated frameworks as they offer most flexibility in solving complex and specific challenges.

Backend development image

Backend Development

  • java ee
  • relational db
  • native
  • integration with other systems
  • nosql
  • node.js

I rely on Java EE (now Jakarta EE) for backend development due to its extensive capabilities and ease of integration with existing enterprise systems. It's secure, industry standard, open source, and very performant.

My approach in most cases is data-first, but it depends on the specifics.

Backend development image


  • Webarity Site

    Built on the fundamental Java EE framework, Webarity Site aims for clean, straightforward site coding by breaking down code into logical segments and then combining them into one via two-way content linking and substitution. The link is live and changes to one segment will be reflected to the others that link from it.

    Current stage: alpha

    [more about: Webarity Site]


Occasional brainstorming, notes taken sometime/somewhere, and thoughts. Stuff i commonly do and short code general enough for me to use around projects (and hopefully useful to you).